[Naver] Choi Siwon, wealthy family background revealed ‘Father is babycare brand CEO and a professor”

The Last Man Standing.


[+11497, -272] This kid has everything, even a good personality

[+7566, -451] I didn’t know Choi Siwon is this funny ㅋㅋㅋ I laughed a lot over Infinity Challenge because of Choi Siwonㅋㅋ Please appear on variety often~

[+6764, -134] His father is Boryung Medience CEO. Amazing

[+5111, -97] Wah seriously jealous of Choi Siwon

[+4689, -198] Choi Siwon looks good-natured ㅋㅋ

[+1132, -26] Since before debut he was popular in Apgujeong. Handsome and a courteous student… In the elevator or at the apartment complex, whether he knows the other person or not he makes eye contact and greets adults. He’s famous for his famous for being a proper and handsome middle schooler.

[+1091, -16] I’m jealous of Choi Siwon’s confidence.. Really, watching him on tv I’m jealous of his confidence..

[+1091, -21] I don’t know if he ever went through hardship but his unique optimistic personality makes me envious…

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