@jdk_jvvn’s Poster Request

Author : jdk_jvvn
tittle : The Power of Our Love
Cast : Yoona, Siwon, Tiffany, Donghae.
Genre : Romance, Sad, Angst
Coloring : soft
mood : romantic soft
quote : ”True Love is Never Wrong”
summary : – (sorry min, akunya on di handphone :3)
cp : fb : Nabil Rifat Hakim
twitter : @jdk_jvvn
instagram : @jdk_jvvn

gomawo sebelumnyaa minn :))




*click to enlarge*

Hi, postermu udah jadi, semoga suka><

Jangan lupa credit: kkezzgw @ keziagw.wordpress.com

No re-do! Banyak orderan 😉


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