“Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang” An Indonesian Version of “You Who Came From The Stars”?


SBS’ highest rate drama, “You Who Came From The Stars” has been known for is successful achievement in Korea and overseas. Starred by Kim Soohyun and Jun Jihyun, this drama hit the highest rate in Korea.

However, this successful drama has been gaining much interest from other country as they want to air the drama or buying the license to make a remake version of the drama. In Indonesia, the tv station, RCTI aired the remake version titled “Kau yang Berasal dari Bintang”, starred by Morgan Oey and Nikita Willy.

As it is a remake version, the story is exactly the same, with the country and the actors difference. It’s about the alien from another stars who’s trapped in earth for 400 years and in love with human at the time he has to comeback to his planet.

Most of Korean news portal such as tvreport, newsen, etc have been…

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