MinMi’s Poster Request~

Annyeong, aku req lagi ya.. :D

Author : `MinMi`

Title : The Story of My Family

Cast : 1. Cho Kyuhyun Super Junior
2. Jo So Yeon ulzzang a.k.a Choi Hwa Young
3. Lauren Hanna Lunde ulzzang kids a.k.a Cho Hyun Jung
4. Mason Moon ulzzang kids a.k.a Cho Hyun Jae.

Genre : Married-life, family.

Coloring : colorful, natural.

Mood : happy, cheerful.

Quote : The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family.

Summary : Ini ceritanya ringan, tentang kyuhyun setelah menikah dan ketika dia punya anak. Dan kyuhyun agak repot karena kelakuan anaknya. 😄

Contact Person : sungsangmi04@gmail.com

Terima Kasih dan mohon bantuannya. ^^


Hi, Postermu udah jadi^^ sorry ya kalo kelamaan, kemaren beneran sibuk bgt ngerjain tugas wkwkwk opkay hope u like it dan jgn sungkan2 request lgi^^


kkezzgw – keziagw.wordpress.com


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