HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY, f(x)! #4yearswithfx♥

After 4 years, f(x) had 45 Official Songs, 9 Music Videos, 23 Trophies on Music Programs, 22 Awards & sold over 305,000 copies 




tumblr_m5c9yyq5Fr1r7wkudo1_500 012312_fx 74717_597523700300578_2130400540_n



426636_356533337802398_216465935_n 544457_305287482908353_815402508_n

1000120_391765457591034_452821374_n 1098419_392034587564121_1646926993_n 1236688_403451286422451_281902761_n 1236696_690590537636731_199791036_n BDtLvn5CMAA2efN


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